We are a software company, and focus on the following areas:


Product Introduction to New Markets

With offices Globally, MidasWare is in a position to help companies who want to gain entry to markets previously out of their reach.
We can help in the area of Sales, Customization, Localization and Support of your product for these markets. MidasWare is a partner for multiple organisations, that have tapped into new opportunities for moderate incremental costs to their sales budget, while benefiting from a step increase in revenues.

Offshore Software Development

MidasWare delivers quality and cost effective Offshore Software Development , specializing in Enterprise Application Development, Embedded System development, Localization and Systems Integration. We have a development center in Shanghai.

Engineer Outsourcing,Project Management and Consulting

MidasWare can provide onsite engineers including:

Project Managers
Enterprise Application Development Engineers
Embedded System Development Engineers
Network Engineers
Unix Systems Administrators
Database Administrators

Legacy Application Extension

MidasWare recognises that there are many legacy applications in use today, that do not have the revenue sources to support the on-going development and support.  MidasWare works with the installed base to provide alternatives to main vendor support and maintenance.  This can be in the in the form of:

• Yearly Application Maintenance
Allocating a set of defined activities
• Resource Purchase
Specific skills and knowledge to make the most of your legacy applications
• Customer Specific Support
Custom support on the Legacy Application that is running key activities in your organisation
• Business Process Support
Legacy Applications in the main, support Business Processes that have been unchanged. Sometimes the individual(s) that support the process either leave, retire or move on, leaving a company exposed. MidasWare can help with highly skilled resources, with the knowledge to plug these gaps.

A combination of the above

Legacy Application Replacement

MidasWare has been involved in the provision of Applications to customers, to replace existing solutions with newer and more cost effective solutions that bring down the total cost of ownership. E.g. migration to newer platforms and OS to allow lower maintenance. Replacing legacy applications resulting in applications rationalisation and overall IT improvement.

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